About Us


Stamp Agency is a New Zealand company which has been trading since 1965 and has a lot of accumulated experience in supplying the requirements of its customers. 

We like to work with our customers to enhance their profitability.

Our specialties are the rapid and reliable supply of stamps, prestamped/prepaid envelopes, courier bags, phone cardsthermal rolls, Energizer/Eveready, Schick and Banana Boat Suncare products.

Our pricing is inclusive of GST.  To see discounted prices you need to login with your wholesale login details, which you can get when you open a trade account with us.

Stamp Agency Ltd also sells most of the products directly to public/individuals within New Zealand only.  Feel free to place your orders from our website and pay by credit card or directly to our bank account.

If you would like to contact Stamp Agency, please click here